Athens Marina SA gives utmost importance and priority to the management of environmental issues, with particular ecological awareness, sensitivity and responsibility. We implement all the approved, by law, modern methods of environmental management, with one and only ultimate purpose, to ensure the prevention and avoidance of pollution and the consecutive improvement of environmental performance.

Athens Marina has equipment and provides services for waste collection and management of the following :

Athens Marina has one of the most modern sewage management system which operates with vacuum technology.

Oil – Lubricants - Bilge
Collection tanks are available around the port, in collaboration with a specialized company in waste management.

Available bins are scattered at all piers for recyclable material and batteries.

Antipollution Equipment
A full equipped storage area, located in the center of the marina, is always prepared to deal with marine pollution emergencies.

Antipollution Drills
Antipollution drills are conducted at regular intervals and ensure the readiness and suitability of both the equipment and staff.

Daily Cleaning Service for Sea and Land area